Thursday, 24 March 2011


I'm so happy the new website is FINALLY finished and uploaded. It has taken months to get the new one together after the old one got a virus somehow and then the host company wouldn't help to remove it, in fact no-one knew how to get it removed, I was so busy with a book deadline and then finally a friend's husband came to my rescue, in fact, when I meet him in San Antonio when I visit for classes at the end of April I will give him his coat of shining armour for being my saviour haha! It has been a worry, what with being busy with a new title and a strict deadline, I must admit I pushed it to the back of my mind hoping somehow it would go away but at last it's sorted.

In the Summer I plan to write up some tutorials, something I've been wanting to do for ages now. I decided on another book as the publisher twisted my arm ;o) promising to have it ready for the huge CAKE 2011 show in November at the Birmingham NEC. I like to have something new for that show so I agreed, but it has put me back by around 3 months, but oh well, I'll catch up soon enough. The Shop products will increase slowly as I don't want to sell just anything, just products I really like and would use myself. There's so much useless stuff out there that you think you'll use forever and they stay in the cupboard!

Oh well, 10 minute break from the latest cake for the new book. I have a few more to do that'll take me up to the end of next week and then it's preparing all the step photography and write-up which usually takes ages and is very repetitive but has to be done. When it's all sent off I think a nice bottle of red will have to be opened to celebrate!

Debbie x

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